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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Changes to the Clubs WebShop

At the Clubs AGM on the 9 April several changes to the Clubs WebShop were announced which will make it more reliable, easier to use, with clearer product pricing and simplified delivery charges.

The first change is that we are removing the 1% returning customer discount, the club are having to pay more for the items we purchase, we could either keep the discount and increase our prices or remove the discount and help limit any price increases.


The second change is that all the prices displayed in the WebShop will include VAT, 93% of WebShop customers must pay VAT on their purchases so by including VAT the majority of people can clearly see the price they will be paying and not suddenly find that 20% has been added to their order at the checkout. For customers who live in countries where VAT does not have to be charged it will be deducted automatically at the checkout.

The third change is that we will be using a new system to calculate post & packing charges, we presently cost p&p for each individual item which works well when customers only purchase a single item but with multiple items this can result in excessive delivery charges. In the future, we will use a banded system dependent on the total order value, having looked at the delivery costs of all the orders from 2016 in the different order bands we have calculated a more accurate and fairer system. The new system also gives us the ability to quickly and easily adjust p&p prices if we find we are over or under charging. Some heavy or bulky items will incur a delivery surcharge which will be noted in the product description in the WebShop.

The fourth and final change is that we are moving our WebShop to a new WebShop provider, the decision to change company was not taken lightly I have spent well over 400 hours so far setting up the new shop, and all the Spares officers and Section officers have spent many hours checking their sections of the shop to ensure they are as accurate as possible, having things changed to make things easier for customers and sending me new products to add to the shop.

Some of the reasons for moving the shop are that the present company have doubled the monthly rental of our shop, they have setup their own card processing company and are trying to make us change to them, this new card processing company has a higher % charge per transaction. Both changes would result in us having to increase our prices to members. The final reason we are moving is that their customer support is almost non-existent, when we have a problem with the shop all they say is ‘it was the customers fault’ and nothing to do with them, even when we have supplied proof that it was nothing to do with the customer and the problem lies with their system they do nothing.

The new company have given us every assistance with moving to them including modifying the software to meet our specific needs.

I am sure you are all wondering when all this is going to happen and the answer is:

MONDAY 1st MAY 2017.

I hope that you will all visit the new shop when it opens.


WebShop Manager