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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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15 - 17 JULY 2016

A Display of Original Unrestored Standard Triumphs and Derivatives

Following the very successful Triumph Survivor Display at Malvern in 2015 which saw the largest collection of original unrestored Standard Triumphs and derivatives ever gathered in one place (see, the TR Register, is pleased to announce the return of Standard Triumph Survivor Display at the International Weekend at Lincoln.  The aim is to be even bigger and more successful than last year.

Watch any of the current classic car TV programmes or read a classic car magazine and they constantly refer to the term ‘Survivor’ and that original unrestrored cars are becoming very rare and should be preserved where possible, rather than restored. 

So what is a Standard Triumph ‘survivor’? A survivor is a car which is substantially original and unrestored from when it left the factory (e.g. original panels, paint, interior, engine etc) and the display will give members and the public an opportunity to see close up Standard Triumphs and derivatives that have survived the ravages of time and have avoided restoration, some for over 50 years!  More information and online entry forms / downloads can be found here:   

Why is a Standard Triumph ‘survivor’ so special?  Every original unrestored Standard Triumph has a story to tell.  An original unrestored car is a snapshot in time and offers a unique perspective and insight to how our cars were put together in the factory – warts and all.  Original unrestored cars are immensely beneficial to those currently undertaking a restoration project, as Triumph Survivors are the most accurate cars from which historical and technical reference can be gained.

So, if you own a Standard Triumph or a Derivative ‘Survivor’ and would like to be part of the Standard Triumph Survivor display at Lincoln then please contact Andrew Smith for a Car Information Sheet: email Andrew Smith, or you can enter using the form online: 

Phil Homer has sent this additional information:

As I understand it, judging for all concours classes takes place between 2pm and 6pm on Saturday, so anyone turning up for the STMD on Sunday only will not be eligible.

If you wish to enter the Survivors category you must attend on Saturday as well. and have completed an entry form prior to the event.